The Rebus Books in Order

The whole series, organised in the order they were originally published

John Rebus is one of the most enduring characters in crime fiction, first appearing in Knots & Crosses in 1987.

Each of the novels is linked by returning characters, such as Siobhan Clarke and ‘Big Ger’ Cafferty, but you can start reading the Rebus books at any point in the series, you don’t need to have read the earlier books to enjoy the later ones.

But if you would like to know the order in which they were written and published, here is the definitive list. You can also view them all on our Books page


Book 1: Knots & Crosses Book 2: Hide and Seek Book 3: Tooth and Nail
Book 4: Strip Jack Book 5: The Black Book Book 6: Mortal Causes
Book 7: Let it Bleed Book 8: Black and Blue Book 9: The Hanging
Book 10: Dead Souls Book 11: Set in Darkness Book 12: The Falls
Book 13: Resurrection Men Book 14: A Question
of Blood
Book 15: Fleshmarket
Book 16: The Naming of
the Dead
Book 17: Exit Music Book 18: Standing in
Another Man’s Grave
Book 19: Saints of
the Shadow Bible
Book 20:
Even Dogs in
the Wild


Book 21:                                                     Book 22: The NEW Rebus

Rather Be the Devil                                 In a House of Lies